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Saturn is just within 2° behind, partile his n. The element distributions are more easily seen in the below boxes than a circle chart. Traits slower moving planets such as Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto. Transiting Pluto bring transformation at the deepest level and this can be exceedingly painful. Tagged: pluto and synastry, pluto conjunct moon, pluto opposition mars, pluto opposition venus, pluto square sun, pluto trine jupiter, plutonic love, power struggles, rolling in the deep, telepathy, transformation. Venus-Pluto synastry aspects are particularly potent and can lead to an intensely passionate affair laced with jealousy, and in the case of Venus square Pluto aspect, a sense of not being able to break away from a love tie (even if it’s the right thing to do). synastry- mars square or opposite pluto Although this aspect brings about strong sexual attraction, actually out of this world sexual attraction and consistency it needs to be managed with the utmost delicacy or it most certainly can burn two people out and things shift into a shattered glass, plate flying and even worse interaction. Healing in facing demons together could happen. When Pluto contacts another’s planet, it is to discover these dynamics within itself. What is  May 27, 2017 Pluto/Chiron aspects: Couples with this synastry aspect all they want to do is spend time together, this is with harmonious aspects. Well I did our synastry and wow do we have a lot of Pluto and Saturn going on, more so Saturn and it's all coming from HIM. For example, my sister and her fiancé have several Juno contacts in Synastry. Besides conjunction to his Moon, my Pluto also square his Mars, semisquare his Venus, semi-sextile his Mercury. Pluto is concentrated energy, pure focus, ruthless action beyond control, obsession, destruction and reconstruction. Been through a lot, couldn’t cope with it up until I was around 25-26 years old and entered a deep, meaningful and truth colored intimate relationship. We haven’t delved much into Pluto in synastry, and believe me, we will. I tend to be drawn to men with heavy pluto/scorpio in their natal chart. What is the underlying motivation behind this relationship? Is the overall tone of relationship productive or destructive? The right combination of people could accomplish so much here. Learn to love one another and practice patience. Thus his Saturn squared my Moon, his Saturn squared my Pluto. In this way both have a tendency to wreak havoc wherever they’re placed. If Pluto is harshly aspected then it can create those relationships where you swear you’re going to leave at least 10 times a day but don’t because the sex is simply amazing. Because Pluto in our charts, in synastry and by transit teaches us about control and how in the long run how little we really have, it is my opinion we can never learn too much about this small but powerful planet at the outer edges of our solar system. I know some of the placements are generational, but his Saturn is hitting quite a few of my personal planets, just like my pluto is hitting some of his personal planets. Both of these men wielded powerful influence over people’s emotions, each in their own way. Well, I guess I consider that a heavy Saturn relationship because of how it changed me. Venus-Pluto aspects in synastry denote obsessiveness, jealousy, sexual exploitation and in some cases unrequited love. Saturn in synastry is where the glue will be applied. This can put you in a showdown between your greatest fears of being destroyed, and the pursuit of the deepest longing in your heart. The Ego holds to its defenses, but Pluto tries to urge you to let go, and surrender to become a new person. Best Answer: From what I have seen, these are rather heavy aspects, particularly for a romantic relationship. This is the only way to eliminate the negative feelings that come with Saturn. Many times, heavy Saturn (in synastry) will be seen in one or both of the natal charts. Pluto synastry aspects. I didn't plan for this individual to be anything other than a friend but it turned hot and heavy to say the least. Her Juno in Libra conjuncts his Sun and Mercury. This is an incredibly passionate synastry aspect, and if not dealt with carefully, can easily turn into a Love-Hate relationship. The dangerous loves are often relationships with heavy karma, and the very essence of the Saturn-Neptune connection is one that suggests that the two people have come together to heal and evolve as individuals. The Vertex in Synastry and Transit (Part 2) Jupiter/Vertex Here the Jupiter person brings a lesson of expansion, luck, optimism, faith, spiritual and perhaps travel life lessons to the Vertex person. Mars the God of sex and war meets Pluto God of intense desires and passions of the soul. Pluto will think they have the upper hand, but Valentine can prove the heartbreaker. I would look at the North Node, first. Considering that a simple natal chart comparison between two persons is still one of the most used and reliable methods to compare the compatibility, attraction and endurability between them, this question is a very understandable one. This long transit is one for developing character. With the Pluto transit that is an ideal time to understand the dynamics and how to set boundaries. The NN aspect with which I am most familiar is Chiron conjunct the NN. Pluto Falls on top of Mercury: The Mercury is idea, thoughts, intelligence, learning, communication, and fun of life. Stephen Arroyo feels that Saturn aspects in synastry are karmic, particularly when they involve one person’s Saturn to the other person’s personal planets. What it means to have transit Pluto conjunct your Capricorn moon (Edit - 11/21/15 - This post was written while feeling the intensity but i should make it clear that not everyone with a Cap moon under this transit will experience it in the same way i am. I have an Aries heavy chart (rising, venus, mars and mercury) with a pisces sun. It’s his Pisces Chiron (in the 11th house) on my planets in each instance. From DNA to hormones, heavy drinking can alter your I can see that these heavy Saturn and Pluto energies are going to be with me and my partner for a while. The Sun is drawn by Pluto’s depth and this kind of relationship often has a powerful and psychological impact on both people involved. In the dualistic world of Yin and Yang, a good relationship may bring the TAO as the eastern religion understood it and that is the way of unity and joy. Posted by Lilianni I was venus in venus conjunct pluto. I feel like it is a very very powerfull tool that can do as much harm as it can do good. The Sun and Pluto aspects in Love Synastry is considered to be a mighty powerful one. When Venus in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Pluto Venus conjunct other person’s Pluto. The only solution is hard work over a long period of time to master the skill of the house where Saturn is found in your synastry chart overlay, or in your own natal chart. Sep 16, 2015 "Mars/Pluto aspects have a heavy reputation, and for good reason. Mars Square Saturn - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Chiron conjunct Ascendant in Synastry Chiron is increasingly gaining more attention both in natal and synastry charts lately. Pluto Aspects. Pluto and pr. The connection is not of this world. Free Online Astrology, Synastry Chart Aspects, Meanings and Interpretations. The real clincher for me that he will have a bad night is a couple of Sun Pluto aspects. Pluto in synastry with Mercury, intensifies ideas, thoughts, and communication and undergoes some profound changes in your understanding and in your ways of thinking, and develops a deeper understanding with your partner. Pluto on the ascendant or within 5 – 10 degrees of an angle brings the god of the underworld’s energies out very strongly in the individual’s lives. Unless there is a slight age gap the Mars person will probably have their Mars in aspect to their own Pluto. Pluto represents sex, intimacy, transformation, death, and rebirth. In synastry, his Pluto conjunction falls into my 5th house conjunct my natal Pluto, trine my Venus/Asc, quincunx my Mars, biquintile my Mercury. The couple  Nov 6, 2017 And Saturn v Pluto is just WOW there can be a very huge and deep felt rage on both sides about control and structure-this is also a heavy  Sep 1, 2011 We can't go and assume that everybody with Mars-Pluto in aspect will experience abuse. Upon first meeting the vertex person may find the Jupiter person quite jovial and very fun to be around. Hi Jay, Lilith/Pluto synastry connections are very much the Persephone signature. Pluto, in relationship mode, sets out to satisfy desire. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration. In this case, it is Wladimir’s life which has to change. A lot of adolescents with this aspect blossom very early, almost radically hitting puberty, and can receive overwhelming attention not only from their peers but also from adults, which may or may not be appropriate, depending on the response. A 2nd house Pluto person, though, might be the Pimp receiving the money, a porn website owner or a sex-shop businessman. I have my moon in exact conjunction with pluto in scorpio in the 8th. Subsequently, if you have more glue than nice aspects, your house will feel restrictive, too small, inhibiting. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the Compatibility Chart. Pluto changed what I wanted in a relationship (so typical). Bearing the brunt of heavy circumstances. Heavy bleeding. Pluto will get what it wants, by any means necessary—we only go along for the ride. This […] Learn the basics about synastry, also known as relationship astrology, and discover areas of strength and weakness in your relationships. They can stand each other’s intensity or each other’s skeletons in the closet. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the Transit Chart. I mean have you heard any miracle stories of people finding happiness where there is two or more planets in 12th. As for other synastry: He has a Saturn/Venus opposition and this put my Moon Pluto conjunction in a tsquare. Personally, I tend to consider it quite an important influence both from my studies on other charts and from the influence I have found it holds in my life and in my relationships. According to a study, certain Juno aspects were commonly found in the synastry charts of married couples, including: Juno conjunct North Node, Juno conjunct Juno, Juno trine Venus, and Juno trine Mars. Mars Square Saturn Meaning, Synastry Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. Pluto always shows transformation, something must be destroyed before new growth can be made. Sun-Pluto contacts in synastry may show compulsive interactions, sexual tensions, and possibly jealousy and possessiveness. When you have 2 unevloved people with heavy Pluto contacts you have what I call the –check mate   Ever have a relationship that completely changed your life by bringing out a side of you that you never knew existed? Pluto wants to penetrate and transform,  Pluto trine Venus–this is raw passion combined with finding the person beautiful When it is found in a heavy Mercury synastry, one feels good with the person,  •Saturn/mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto are often a focal focus in many fashion • strong Neptune and 10th house focus are usually in heavy focus in the charts of  I don't consider Uranus or Neptune to be heavy hitter planets but bringing mars We also have Mars/Pluto mutual aspect and our Mars opposition each other's. They can be like a heavy weight resting on your shoulders. Close, hard sun pluto aspects in synastry can cause a very extreme type of enmity between two people if other factors are present. A potential partner's Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in hard aspect to a child's Ascendant or planets in the angular houses, including the first house of basic persona, the fourth house of root psyche and home, the seventh of partners, enemies and projected parts of self; or the tenth of dealings with authority, would call for special Note that if only your outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are activating your lover’s 7th House, there will need to be some other marriage aspects between the two of you. But I thought, as a kind of primer, before we get into the deeper waters of Pluto and its significance in interpreting the nodes, I would answer Neeti Ray’s request (check out her excellent blog, Astrology Expressed) and take a little time to explore the way Pluto operates. I decided to continue with the Pluto theme and pulled out this post on Pluto in Synastry. Watching Venus Pluto could be like a passionate romantic comedy or the last scene of the movie “Fatal Attraction” where Glenn Close tries to kill Michael Douglas’s wife, after a one night stand with him. Read on to Saturn Pluto synastry contact: “Powerful Duo” Saturn Pluto synastry aspect can be heavy and serious, and carries with it an awareness of status or power. This person may be the “great love of your life. In any relationship, composite Pluto is often experienced as power plays and in Sun and Moon are always very important planets in a Synastry, this is a fundamental truth both in traditional and spiritual Synastry. Outer planet contacts can be powerful, but they seem to stir up issues (on the house person’s side) that reach beyond the day-to-day rhythms of a Note that if only your outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are activating your lover’s 7th House, there will need to be some other marriage aspects between the two of you. If you don’t master Pluto, Pluto will master He had natal Saturn opp Moon. Pluto Opposition Ascendant love Synastry ~ Excessive Burdens . Exact on 21 November Venus square Pluto is active from 18 to 24 November. Like the student who has constantly refused to learn a certain something and the principal finally decides to call on Trunchbull to become the kid’s teacher I prefer Pluto in synastry, the depth, the darkness, the transformation. I advise people to stay out of heavy pluto type relationships because they generally cause a lot of unneccessary pain. Saturn Opposition Sun love Synastry ~ Heavy Responsibility . my witty fun guys were Pluto finds empowerment or feels emotionally aroused under the Sun’s light. Pluto deals with intensity and transformation and seeks to alter whatever it touches. Those with Venus-Pluto aspects can also get some extreme responses from people while growing up regarding their attractiveness. If not, it's possible the opposite can happen. Moon in synastry with Saturn, this relationship can feel heavy and restrictive at times as both the couples feels dutiful and responsible for each other. These two share a deep emotional tie. It can feel like your parents are vamping off you. i feel like pluto being involved in these oppositions gives the relationship dynamic an intensity, passion, sexual vibe that might not otherwise be there if there were not pluto squares natally, as well as in synastry. The opposition glues Valentine with Pluto, if all other aspects are favorable. It not an easy aspect but if you can understand it you manage it and have control over it its similar to sun square Pluto aspect but the ascendant is different from the sun ascendant is related to your physical body how you appear to other people and the other person has a tight natal mars square pluto, which is opposing and squaring the other person’s mercury respectively. From the initial meeting something was ignited. A Dedication to a Plutonic Love Published July 1, 2011 by starsmoonandsun Mars/Pluto aspects have a heavy reputation, and for good reason. His progressions are showing his pr. Saturn on NN – there’s a harsh lesson involved in some way I feel. South Node in Synastry Part 2 When someone’s planet or point conjuncts your natal South Node, a past life connection is indicated. His Saturn was conj my Moon-Pluto conjunction. On a political front, Barack Obama has Moon square Pluto, and so did Mohandas Gandhi. Being such a powerful, determined and private person, you may go to extreme lengths to ensure others see you as a perfect human being, totally in control of yourself and all around you. Something heavy and time consuming that was not done properly and responsibly or even evaded in a previous lifetime. They may find themselves, suggesting new healthy ways to eat, or vitamins and health habits and may be pushy about it. pluto is what I relate the most in my chart. The pressure of immediate circumstances make you shine like a diamond. That will provide you with balance for this heavy energy. It attempts to do so without any semblance of manners. Working with mines, gold or anything that is located beneath the surface can be a great Pluto synastry A Pluto relationship / Heavy synastry is a dangerous game for both players, things are intense, explosive and addictive. I fell in love with a guy who is Scorpio rising and had Pluto conjunct his Sun, Venus and Mercury. Moon conjunct pluto in Scorpio and both of them conjunct MC in 10th. Avoid the habit of looking on the dark side of things, and develop the ability to see the lighter side. I definitely take a lot of synastry to account. Whenever any of these two planets are touching each other in a synastry (a combined chart of two people) something very powerful happens. The love is not of this world. People often wonder what the worst aspects in synastry are. Sun opposite Pluto natal creates an intense struggle to safely express your strong ego. That would be bad enough. These aspects are intense, passionate and explosive at times. It is your one and only. With Pluto's presence, this love goddess is riddled with themes of unrequited love, rejection and abandonment, potential violence, power struggles and control, resentment and revenge, jealousy and possessiveness, emotional intensity, deep bonding (or bondage), obsessions and complusions, and some serious sexual sizzle. Pluto in Capricorn is about manifesting and magnifying your power by harmonizing with earth energies. You experience so much that you lose fear, which draws weaker-willed individuals closer to you. Venus that is about to conjunct that Saturn/Pluto. We've got two yods in our synastry: His Chiron, my Mercury with a Neptune Apex (and) My Pluto and Neptune with his Chiron Apex. First thing to look for in synastry: An imbalance in pluto contacts If you are online looking up someone's natal chart, there is a good chance you are probably already slightly obsessed with this person. His Pluto square my Venus. +-*THE UGLIES: a continuing series of writing about hard aspects and transits I’m writing to you from the blood room. Outer planet contacts can be powerful, but they seem to stir up issues (on the house person’s side) that reach beyond the day-to-day rhythms of a Valentine/Pluto — Like the Uranus synastry, this is a transformative aspect that teaches both parties many lessons. You will die with his name on your lips. Passion and power are likely to be significant themes with this combination, but there is also this crazy, wonderful sexual magnetism. The immediate environment is so extreme that there is nothing else to be afraid of. The question with this man will be, with two such heavy planets in exact opposition, one forced to focus on itself (Saturn in the 1st), the other taking commitment, and the “other,” almost too seriously (Pluto in the 7th), how will he contend with the pushme-pullyou of that opposition? Pluto is in Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, to the year 2023. Long-term aspects in synastry: the big 5. There is a strong pull between these two that can be fascinating, intensely attractive, and yet also disturbing at times. Regardless of whether the aspect is an opposition, conjunction, square, etc. Advice for Venus square Pluto: Negative effects of this placement are caused by the belief that you must People with heavy Pisces and Neptunian influences love delusions, and are rather easy to take . com Heavy 12th house synastry? For Neptune type, would being a 12th house synastry relationship be ok. Pluto will dig down and annihilate what isn’t working anymore and Uranus will singe anything out-dated like a bolt of lightning. I used to want deep, passionate, intense relationships, but after him I realized that a relationship where you grow and that's based off of respect of one another is the one that lasts and one that you need. Posted March 29, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Planets in aspect to moon, Synastry Tagged with moon in aspect to Pluto synastry Moon in aspect to Mars in synastry 2 comments Venus Pluto Aspects in Astrology. Synastry Q & A: Plutonian Relations. 3/14/2016 His Pluto exactly squares my Asc/Dsc axis and due to a falling out he hasn't talked to me in a while, but all Even with this deepness can come possessiveness, jealousy, and smothering. Apr 26, 2017 Looked at our synastry and noticed there were lots of pluto aspects (I'm on the left below): Sun Square Moon Mercury Square Uranus Jan 18, 2011 All of the outer planets misbehave in synastry. My Chiron is also conjuct his ascendant I'm nervous that all this Chiron means a 'pain' and/or 'drama' and/or general woe as a m - Originally posted in the Relationships & Astrology forum. Hence composite Pluto suggests that which will cause the relationship to experience periods of heavy change. In synastry or composite charts, that’s reason enough to take a closer look. Here we will discuss 4 main aspects of Mars in synastry charts - trines, conjunctions, oppositions and squares. One minute you’ll be at each other’s throats, then next having sex all night. The Martian side of Pluto, in his role as the higher octave of Mars, is the one most visible in synastry. Even with my Pluto literally backing me up (I consider it a defender of my Moon in ways), his Saturn tore through me like little else has done. North Node Conjunctions. So, Pluto conjunct Midheaven people are bosses who are very powerful and intense, which can manifest in many different ways. The areas of life touched by Pluto, by planet and house placing, are going to see some pretty profound changes on both the inner and outer sphere of existence. I am self-employed so I can control my schedule to a large extent. Synastry: Love & Sexual Relationships Analysis of compatibility, desires & attraction. You need a professional astrologer, like me, to conduct a detailed, personalized reading for you! Order a synastry report and find out now! astroladyconsultations@gmail. With any planet or asteroid which touches your NN in synastry, the relationship will be permeated by the nature of this planet/asteroid and what it represents. The natives karma is not to ignore relationship difficulties or pass it over for a new one (they imagine would be better) for they will encounter the pattern and will of Saturn again until they pass the test. This is the love of a mother for her breastfeeding baby and a love of a woman for her lover, in one. The Ascendant/Descendant axis is one of relationship and Pluto rules taboo sex, so this combination is bound to breed love lives that feature anything from; fierce loyalty, deep love, protection, jealousy, secret affairs, possession Moon Synastry with Saturn: Moon is emotions and wants to be peaceful and connected and Saturn is discipline and long term goal. It is probing, calculating and exposes the darkest side of our personalities. If you are the The Pluto person learns about the limits of power struggles in a relationship. Watch for one another’s shadows over taking the other or heavy emotions or negative experiences keeping one or both from moving on. It is Healthcliff screaming for Kathy, as he runs through the moors. Lilith is the lower octave of Eris and represents the kundalini. It can even indicate a bit of competitiveness, heavy arguments, and a rivalry. and Meaning · Moon Trine Pluto · Sun square Pluto Synastry  Feb 10, 2017 Synastry aspects between natal charts to describe connections between two What if B's Venus is on the star Algol and conjunct Pluto? Ouch!. What does Saturn conjunct Pluto mean? The answer depends on whether it’s an aspect occurring in your natal chart, currently forming in the cosmos (transit-to-transit aspect), transiting your chart, or occurring in a chart comparison (synastry – relationship astrology). I would rather climb out of the fiery pits of hell but at least I will be reborn. Saturn aspects in Synastry tend to have a very heavy, responsible, limiting energy to them, certainly. however, I do think there is something to be said for chemistry, of course. Synastry is an illuminating and fascinating astrological study of how individuals interact with each other, get attracted to each other, and form a relationship. This moon conj. Pluto and they are followed by his pr. Relationships with heavy Pluto contacts have a Nietzschean tinge: that which does not kill me  Nov 13, 2009 I know Pluto aspects in synastry spook a lot of people, so some clarity Relationships with heavy Pluto contacts have a Nietzschean tinge: that  Posts about pluto in synastry written by starsmoonandsun. Mars-Pluto contacts in synastry show an overwhelming passion, intensified sexuality, lust, and competitiveness between a couple. What the experience of having Venus conjunct Pluto on a midpoint composite or Davison relationship chart is like in astrological compatibility - Hot and heavy! Planetary Aspects: Saturn conjunct Pluto . What does it mean for your relationship when your natal Pluto is in opposition to your romantic partner's Sun? A Pluto opposition Sun aspect can feel that it was always meant to be, triggered by emotions that are beyond the measure of intensity than any feelings or sensations in your previous experience with romantic partners. Our Pluto contacts run mutually. Using Astrology for Relationship Analysis Synastry is the process of comparing the astrology birth charts of two individuals to make an educated guess about how well they will get along in a romantic relationship. Synastry: Venus-Pluto Aspects Between Two Charts . Moon/Pluto in synastry is once in a lifetime. Interpretation of transiting Venus Sextile natal Sun,Free horoscopes, Astrology reports, astrology forecasts and horoscope predictions covering love, romance, relationships, luck, career and business, Synastry, Compatibility, love horoscopes, relationship astrology SYNASTRY: PLUTO IN YOUR PARTNERS HOUSE Pluto in your partners 1st If your Pluto is in your partners 1st house assuming there is mutual attraction, your Partner will find you alluring, powerful, intense, and sexy. They sense power in each other. This ones for the astrology geeks out there Do any of you have pluto aspects in synastry with your twin flame or soul connections? I ask because Ive recently met a man that I have a lot of heavy pluto aspects with and Im unhealthily obsessed with him, but I feel it's more of a karmic or past life connection. The Plutonic Themed Relationship - Parts #1 and #2 issues of control and fear What the themes and issues associated with heavy negative Pluto contacts are in synastry and in the composite Pluto in your Partners 6th house The Pluto person may show an extreme interest in the house person's health habits or daily routine and even try to control it. We have Chiron conjunct Sun (1 degree orb), Chiron trine Pluto (3 degree orb), Chiron sextile Moon (exactly 1 degree), & Chiron sextile Jupiter (1 degree orb). I always say I would chose Pluto over Saturn anytime. I have Pluto on my Sun natal so this is going to be mirrored in my relationships with men. What made in confusing was the love and affinity (our Suns are conjunct) and then his Venus square my Moon and his Venus square my Pluto. We can simply look at the elements that are heavy or lacking between two people in a synastry chart overlay and get a very good idea of how satisfying the relationship can be. Strong aspects between your Pluto and your partner's planets and/or points, and vice-versa, inject intensity, obsession, possessiveness, and depth to your relationship. Pluto's energy will not be suppressed but its power is often feared. A Venus-Pluto pairing holds within it great depth and complexity. My period wasn’t always this intense, but it’s normal for some women my age. Hi Ami, I have a heavy Chiron synastry with my beautiful 5-year-old son, & am so worried about what this means. Have an interesting synastry chart. Carl Jung, one of the most influential thinkers in 20th century, had Moon conjunct Pluto in his 3rd house (again, thoughts and communication). but I take chemistry + syn and roll with it. Moon to Pluto is known for heavy emotions and with the conjunction aspect there is a sharing of intense feelings but also past trauma, which can give a window to overcoming and healing but also further damage. Mars is a male planet, which raises questions of power, will, ego, leadership and sexuality in a relationship, sometimes even causing fights and quarrels, and its importance should not be underestimated. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the Composite Chart. A scorpio friend of mine's sun is conjuncting a lot of his friend's pluto (since they're all about the same age), and there is definitely a sort of strong tie between them. The North Node is a good indication of a soul mate connection, but other specific aspects are needed to fully determine a soul mate relationship. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the Solar Return Chart The transit to watch out for this week is the brief but potent Venus square Pluto, which could really pack a punch in the relationship department, particularly if your natal planets or points are triggered. Surrounded by death. In synastry or composite charts, that's reason enough to take a closer look  Aug 5, 2018 Pluto in synastry is also binding but unlike Saturn contacts, Pluto runs in disagreements, heavy arguments, and poor communication skills. I think if Pluto makes heavy aspects to your natal luminaries, on or ruler of any of your angles, and is making transits, than it's huge in synastry--but if it doesn't seem like that big of a hitter natally--it might not be as intense with your synastry aspects. However, in the few cases of severe child abuse and murder in the . ” I hate being a Venus in the 8th house, square Pluto person because I can be so obsessive. a lot of my ‘growth’ relationships were sun square saturns, a lot of my ‘one night stand that kept going’ were heavy trines with mars + pluto. it is thought that the relationship is quite likely to have a powerful influence on both parties involved. Sun conjunct pr. Pluto can always swing to both extremes, but im thinking the intense hatred is being caused "mainly" by the tight sun pluto opp. If you do have a lot of flowing aspects but no glue, the house will collapse. Someone from some time ago and I had a lot of Pluto aspects around 10, and since Pluto is my chart ruler and my chart is around 30% Scorpio I see Pluto as important as a personal planet. When Pluto’s power meets Mars’ action, there’s potential for intensely hot sex, but also destructive (sometimes violent) power struggles. 6. Pluto in the 2nd house usually does not lead to prostitution; it is when it is located in the 6th house that it can function like that. If you are working on a synastry chart and you find this connection look for the deeper ties to the personal planets. Natal Pluto squares Wladimir’s Sun and the transiting Sun squares natal Pluto. This is something of an advanced process, so it is necessary to know a little about basic astrology principles. Uranus heavy people and/or situations are *crackly* and intense and Pluto heavy people and/or situations are *deep* and intense. The kind of authority figure we become is represented by our Midheaven and any planets that may be conjunct it. Hard aspects will create more struggle (and drama). heavy pluto synastry